Ethereum: What is it and how does it work? Explained for beginners

ethereum que es y como funciona explicado para principiantes

In order to understand what Ethereum is and all the potential it has in front of society, it is essential to learn what its main properties are, as well as how they differ from standard approaches. Introduction To begin, it must be understood that Ethereum constitutes a digital platform that represents one of the three … Read more

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Minting an NFT: What does it mean and how to do it?

mintear un nft que significa y como hacerlo

What is minting and its relationship to NFTs? This action has to do with the blockchain, which offers unique commercial opportunities, but they are only possible if we understand the logic behind the process. We’ll explain everything you need to get started. The world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is as diverse as … Read more

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Best NFT games to win cryptos and money

mejores juegos nft 2022 para ganar criptos y dinero

The NFTs come in a free version to play and get rewards but, did you know that there are other initiatives to invest money, level up and increase earnings? Stay because we tell you more details. Let the adventure begin! The boom of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a reality. More and more people are interested … Read more

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Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: Which is better?

ethereum vs bitcoin cual es mejor

A comparison between two of the thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist in the market but that are the first alternatives for users. Find out why in this article. Comparison of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Currently there are about 1,600 cryptocurrencies in use around the world. Of these, Ethereum and Bitcoin are among the top three. The … Read more

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How to create an NFT and how to sell it? Step by step

paso a paso como crear un nft y como venderlo

NFTs have become in a short time, assets that many people want to have, but do you already know how to create and sell one? Stay because we tell you everything. Let’s go! The digital revolution of the moment continues to gain ground and interest not only from cryptocurrency experts but also from artists, who … Read more

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NFTs: What are they and how do they work? For beginners

nfts what are they and how do they work for beginners

NFTs are revolutionizing the digital asset market. If you don’t know what they are and why they’re trending, read on to find out everything about this digital resource that is gaining more and more popularity. Let’s get started! You might be hearing about NFTs all the time but you still don’t really know what they … Read more

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