15 of the Best Free NFT Games to Try Out

Within NFTs, a revolution is underway and it comes hand in hand with video games. Join us as we look at the list of the 18 best free NFT games.


What is an NFT game?

An NFT game is a product associated with the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Under the P2E strategy, it allows players to make money.

Axie Infinity, the popular card game, was the development that gave rise to a transformation within the world of crypto assets, becoming a model of the digital economy.

Let’s review some aspects of NFTs before sharing the list with you:

The NFT acronym comes from the English translation of non-fungible token. Any file can be turned into a collectible token thanks to the blockchain.

This technology assigns a unique character to a file and turns it into a commercializable, secure and tamper-proof digital asset. All information about the crypto asset is stored in the blockchain.

In the specific case of video games, the gamer will perform certain actions according to the mythology developed for each game, and thus will gain and accumulate tokens that can later be traded in different markets.

In recent years, this sector has had an important development, with the design of video games equivalent to “triple A” (games produced and distributed by large companies, with sophisticated marketing strategies and a high budget).

NFT games have made gamers millionaires, but the real impact of this sector is yet to be seen.

Free List of NFT Games

Are you looking for a new game to practice your skills? Here we share with you the 15 best NFT games of 2022 to play for free and, from the spinning wheel, accumulate digital assets that will surely increase their value over time.

Big Time

Equivalent to developments from video game giants like SEGA, Ubisoft or Konami, this cooperative role-playing and action game offers its players the possibility to travel through time and fight through history.

Star Atlas

It is one of the best multiplayer options within the NFTs. You can buy and sell tokens, build cities and develop microeconomies. The special effects of this video game and its graphic development are possible thanks to the use of Unity Engine 5, a powerful multi-platform video game engine created by Unity Technologies.

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The Harvest Game

It is the first NFT shooter game (action and whose main objective is to shoot and eliminate enemies). It is also the first online battle arena multiplayer, known by the acronym MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

It applies NFT and blockchain technology so that its heroes can become stronger within the game through cards, special skills and tools.

Axie Infinity

It was the precursor of the NFT games. The goal is to take care of and raise pets, in addition to some strange creatures that will later face those of other gamers. With each victory, the creatures not only become stronger, but their owner also earns more money.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox offers a very similar experience to Minecraft. Gamers join an open world for exploration and construction, while acquiring assets within the game, such as Lands (lands), which they can then monetize by charging other players for the possibility of visiting them. Finally, all assets can be sold for SANDS, the native currency of the videogame with which all its resources are commercialized.

Gods Unchained

Here gamers receive their rewards in Ethereum-based NFTs, but it is also possible to monetize in their native currency, called Flux. In fact, upon entering the game and after registering they receive a deck of cards, which although they are not tokens, allow them to progress through the game by winning prizes for each achievement.


Players receive rewards with the exchange of cards. All progress is recorded on the blockchain. Just complete the registration and creation of an account to receive an introductory package of ten cards. As you progress progressively through the game, special and more valuable pieces are collected.

NFT Champions

Possesses a world map composed of several regions, each with unique characters that face great challenges, individual or collaborative.

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The goal of the game is to gather powerful and rare beasts known as champions, to configure the perfect team. Each progress is rewarded with skills that give greater strength to the beasts.

Sidus Heroes

You can acquire lands from different planets in the SIDUS metaverse. Players can earn income from the development of infrastructure, the sale of monsters, lands, raw materials and various commercializable equipment on the market.

The Untamed Isles

Players can request the help of villages to search for a missing ingredient, or support the chief in his fight to stay within the hidden caves in the depths of an island. The objective is to guarantee the survival of the village with the help of the champions.

Ox Universe

Ox Universe has some detractors who consider that the profits can be slow; however, the balance leans towards those who support this videogame which is based on building ships. Each NFT within the videogame can be sold for Ether, and even for dollars. Some NFTs can cost between 10 and 50 dollars.

Thetan Arena

With registration, the player gets a free character, which although it cannot be sold, generates profits. During the course of the game they obtain rewards such as new heroes or Thetan Coins.


Mist is an open world and role-playing game, in which different creatures face each other in dynamic battles. With each token, the gamer is given the possibility of obtaining MIST, the native currency of the videogame. Completing the first level could represent profits close to 400 dollars.


The goal is to create your own dragons to have an army (similar to Axie Infinity, but with dragons). Each dragon is unique, and with each victory, gamers earn more money.


The goal is to match symbols, the same as in “Candy Crush”. The bigger the groupings, the more points and better bonuses are earned. In each phase, the goals and therefore earnings are adjusted.