Best Blockchain Video Games

If you want to explore the playful side of blockchain, keep reading, because here we tell you what are the best games of 2023.


What are blockchain-based games?

A blockchain-based game is a video game that includes elements that use blockchain technologies -cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)- as a form of real property of the items.

To be clearer let’s go to a practical example:

The video games we all know are based on a centralized system. When a user plays a game, the gain he receives (weapons, rewards, game coins) can only be used within that game.

On the other hand, blockchain-based video games have a decentralized infrastructure: all players have full control and real ownership of everything they win in the game.

All the gains that the user obtains in the game platform will only be his and he will be able to exchange them with other players without there being an intermediary that charges intermediation commissions.

How do blockchain-based games make money?

Technically, blockchain video games use NFTs to create different parts of the game, such as rules, equipment, and characters.

NFTs are unique and cannot be replicated and have a value in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). This means that they can be sold, bought, and traded to make digital money.

You can even convert that gain into cash in the real world. Now it’s more interesting, isn’t it?

Advantages of Blockchain-based Games

Let’s start with the best part! These are the advantages of blockchain-based games:

  • More security: thanks to blockchain technology, players are the sole owners of all their earnings. This is vital for the industry and even more so when money is involved.
  • Fully recorded transactions: all the moves and exchanges that users make within the video game will be recorded and can be tracked.
  • Greater transparency: with a complete record of all transactions, it is much harder for fraud to occur.
  • Better user experience: this type of video game takes the user experience to another level and comes to revolutionize gaming dynamics.
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Disadvantages of Blockchain-Based Games

Now, not all is rosy in the world of blockchain video games. Let’s review some risks you’ll be running if you delve into this path.

  • Accessibility Barriers: In some games you have to meet certain requirements to start. For example, in Axie Infinity, you have to have at least three Axies, which can cost around $300 as an initial investment.
  • Possible Losses of Tokens or Cryptos: As blockchain players don’t have to comply with financial standards such as anti-money laundering regulations, fraud may be more common in games than simply in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Market Instability: It is known that the business of digital currencies is volatile, so it is important that players can have their tokens when they want. There are some games that limit the frequency with which these tokens can be withdrawn, which could mean money losses.

Best Blockchain-Based Games 2023

There are many blockchain-based games that allow their players to earn money. Of course, keep in mind that you will do it through cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens.

Let’s see below some of the best games currently available for IOS and Android. Are you up for trying it out for yourself?

Axie Infinity

It is one of the oldest and most popular. It consists of breeding and collecting creatures called Axies (similar to Pokémon), which have strengths and weaknesses according to their genes.

The player can build teams and fight against others. With each battle won, they get more strength and more money.


It allows players to build a three-dimensional world by buying land in the game and building almost anything. Players through their avatars can create alternative games, open a store and much more.

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In order to play Decentraland, players must have Ethereum and be able to buy MANA, the game’s fungible currency.

Alien World

Alien World is a science fiction game in which players explore mines and must capture extraterrestrial NFTs. The value of each element you manage to get is based on Trillium, which is the official currency.

Users can use these Trillium tokens to trade NFTs, win battles or complete missions.


Calvaria Players must create character cards that have different abilities and characteristics. Battles are fought between the cards and the winner accumulates RIA tokens.

The particular thing is that each card is an NFT, so they themselves are owned by the players. The game also has a market where users can monetize their cards, transfer them, sell them or buy others.


Tamadoge is a skill game that focuses on pets, which fight each other to accumulate points or TAMA, the game’s token.

Just like Calvaria, in this case the same pets are structured as NFTs, which means that everything in the game becomes property of the players.

Best Blockchain Based Games for Android

If the games we recommend are not enough for you, here we expand our selection so you can download from the Android app store.

  • CryptoPop
  • Merge Cats
  • OX Universe
  • Mixt

Best Blockchain Based Games for iOS

In addition to the games we already highlighted, there are also many others in the iOS app store that will allow you to have fun and make money at the same time.

  • Upland
  • Thetan Arena
  • The Nemesis
  • Crypto Shooter

Without a doubt, blockchain technology applied to gaming is in full expansion and its potential is enormous. There is still a lot to discover, but with our tour you can already be prepared.

Are you ready to start playing?