Best NFT games to win cryptos and money

The NFTs come in a free version to play and get rewards but, did you know that there are other initiatives to invest money, level up and increase earnings? Stay because we tell you more details. Let the adventure begin!

The boom of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a reality. More and more people are interested in betting on this type of digital asset. This trend arrived not only to position itself in the world of art, but also in other areas such as entertainment and video games.

Today there are many investors who also want to play and win. If you still don’t know how to do it, keep reading to learn more.


What is an NFT game?

An NFT game is all the titles that are based on the blockchain network and use non-fungible tokens as the method of digital ownership; that is, every time a player activates a game, an electronic file is created that is for the exclusive use of the user or owner of the game.

Each of the rewards or earnings that the user obtains on the online gaming platform will be theirs and they will be able to exchange it for real money. Incredible, right?

To make it clearer, each game has a non-fungible token and this, in turn, has a value in a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, making it possible for each user to exchange that value for their local currency; for example, euros or dollars.

Although it is an amount that can vary, the goal is for the game to go as well as possible because that is how it gets more value that currency.

That’s the secret and why every player can make more money. It turns out to be a very novel strategy and for which many are setting their sights on this alternative.

So, are these NFT games profitable? Keep reading, we have an answer to this question.

What is the profitability of a game NFT?

From what we can tell, the profitability of a game with NFTs varies, because the payment for NFTs is made with the official currency of each video game and, in that sense, they usually have different values and can change according to the offer and demand that exists in the market.

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The birth of this entertainment alternative is new; however, many game companies are betting on this NFT methodology to help users not only have fun but also multiply their profits.

With this, we want to tell you that it is very probable that changes will occur on the way. However, while they are developing, here we give you a list of the most sought after and recommended games on different platforms, be sure to pay attention.

List of NFT games

There are a lot of games with NFT features on game platforms. There is a wide variety of titles where you can have fun and also make money. Look at this selection we have made for you. We hope you can get the most out of it:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Alien Worlds
  • Ox Universe
  • Sorare
  • CryptoBlades
  • Gods Unchained

Axie Infinity

This is one of the most famous games. The goal in Axie Infinity is to create strange creatures and fight other creatures to achieve not only more strength but also money.

SLP is the currency that participates in this game and each user can get between 100 and 150, but if you play it every day, you can get up to 4,500 SLP in the month.

Alien Worlds

This game is very fanciful where different races are involved. The idea is that each player uses their cards with the most distinguished talents to win games.

The value of each property you can get by achieving it is based on Trillium, the official cryptocurrency.

The platform Revain that evaluates the comments about blockchain movements has value for Alien Worlds with four out of five points, this speaks to the interest many have in making money with this game.

Ox Universe

If you’re a fan of space ships and planets, this game is for you because here you will have to build and buy properties in order to make profits in NFT, which you will convert into Ethereum.

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The goal is that, as more money is invested, the greater the possibility of progressing and winning more benefits and rewards. To start playing you have to download the game from the Android Play Store.


For sports lovers there are also options in NFT. This is football fantasy, a trend that is in fashion and which allows you to earn money free of charge.

The idea is that you build teams and manage them so they participate in leagues and championships, you can sell and buy players; that is, assume the role of a leader.

Tokenized cards are acquired while advancing level, that is the characteristic of free NFT games. The games are based on Ethereum.


CryptoBlades is a medieval-themed game with interesting themes, such as battles, warriors, monsters, and more. The good news is that you can earn money.

As a fun tidbit, tokens are weapons and there are only 800,000 of them available, so you’ll have to invest money if you want to rise in level.

Skill is the official name for the cryptocurrency and it’s handled through the Binance Smart Chain platform, a cryptocurrency wallet for digital currencies.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular card games and it’s sought-after on gaming platforms.

The tokens are based on Ethereum and you can monetize them with their own currency name Flux. Here to receive benefits you will have to sell properties or cards you have in the game. Revain valued this game with four out of five points.

Having fun and making money is a reality with NFT. The growth that these games are experiencing will continue to improve as their level of interaction increases.

Content’s developers continue to look for ways to stand out in the market, while fans of digital currencies become richer every day. Are you ready for the fun? Give it a try!