Play-to-Earn Video Games: What They Are, What Are Their Characteristics, and How to Get Started

play to earn video games what they are what are their characteristics and how to get started

How much do you know about this trend that combines investments, gaming fun, and blockchain principles? Complete information in this article. What are play-to-earn video games? Play-to-earn video games (also known as “P2E“) are a new move in the gaming scene that brings together both players and investors. The key factor is that in these … Read more

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Sandbox Video Games: What they are, Characteristics and History.

sandbox video games what they are characteristics and history

What makes titles like Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed considered sandbox games? What sets them apart from other releases? Find out more in this article. What is a sandbox video game? Sandbox video games are characterized by a gameplay with a wide margin of freedom; that is, by the few limitations compared to traditional level-based games. … Read more

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The 15 Most Famous NFTs in the World (and Who Created Them)

the 15 most famous nfts in the world and who created them

A review of the most famous non-fungible tokens in history, to learn more about these assets that are leading a new era in collecting. What are NFTs: 5 facts to know NFT stands for “non-fungible token“: It is an asset linked to cryptocurrencies, although it is not a currency like those. NFTs are unique digital … Read more

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Video game mechanics: what are they and what types are there?

video game mechanics what are they and what types are there 1

Video games have rules that determine interactions. We review the key concepts in that world and the most common mistakes when devising such structures. What are the mechanics of a video game? Game mechanics determine what the user can (and cannot) do in the video game . They are the pre-established rules that govern the different … Read more

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What is Lightning Network? Uses, advantages, and how it works

what is lightning network uses advantages and how it works

A review of the features of this off-chain solution that speeds up transactions and enables the Bitcoin network to scale. Also, a review of the history of the method to get to know it thoroughly. What is Lightning Network? Lightning Network is a network that operates on a blockchain to simplify and streamline peer-to-peer (P2P) … Read more

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What does PvP mean?

what does pvp mean

In this article, we review everything about PvP games. Also, what sets them apart from PvE games? Do they have common ground? What is PvP in video games? This article covers everything about PvP games. Additionally, what sets them apart from PvE games? Do they have common features? PvP in video games means “player versus … Read more

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Altcoins: What Are They, Types, and How Many Exist?

altcoins what are they types and how many

Everything you need to know about alternative cryptocurrencies. Their most relevant features, the most known variants and their advantages. In addition, what makes them different from Bitcoin? What are Altcoins? Altcoins are alternative digital currencies to the main virtual currency, Bitcoin. In this sense, the term is an acronym of “alternative” and “coin”, “coin” in … Read more

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NFTs Scams: What Are They and How to Avoid Them?

nft estafas usuarios plataforma mercado

Key points to consider when investing in non-fungible tokens. What is an NFT and How Does it Work? An NFT is a document that attests to the possession of an encrypted digital asset registered on a blockchain. It is usually bought with the cryptocurrency Ether. The Spanish acronym refers to non-fungible token, a term that … Read more

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NFT vs Cryptocurrencies: What’s the Difference?


Although NFTs and cryptocurrencies have some relationship to each other, there are very marked characteristics that distinguish both universes. Keep reading because here we will explain the difference between these two assets that are marking a real digital revolution. As everything is being virtualized, the planet is moving towards the metaverse. And given this acceleration, … Read more

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15 of the Best Free NFT Games to Try Out

mejores juegos nft play to earn con los que ganar dinero 1627682344 b

Within NFTs, a revolution is underway and it comes hand in hand with video games. Join us as we look at the list of the 18 best free NFT games. What is an NFT game? An NFT game is a product associated with the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Under the P2E strategy, it allows players to … Read more

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